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Currently, it has become slightly difficult for PCK to disseminate high school information regarding "showcase" nights for charter schools - due to issues beyond everyone's control. With all the changes, it is quite possible that we, PCK, could miss an important detail. Therefore, the best option is to regularly check your student's high school's website for up to date information. The high school's website is the best place to obtain current information.

Colorado Early Colleges

2022-2023 Enrollment Open

About Colorado Early Colleges High Schools

Colorado Early Colleges (CEC) is a network of public, charter schools where students earn a 2-year college degree or industry certificate for free in high school. At CEC, we offer accessible, flexible, and individualized education. Students are placed into classes based on their Accuplacer assessment scores, academic abilities, and career interests, not based on their grade level.

At Colorado Early Colleges, we take pride in being able to offer college, career, online, and homeschool pathways to our families. We offer:

· College options – offering over 100 different degrees through 13 college partners both on and off-campus.

· Career options – offering industry-recognized certificates through our community college partners both on and off-campus.

· Homeschool options – including on-campus part-time, on-campus middle school enrichment (on the Inverness campus), and My Tech High (online).

· Accelerated online option – our partnership with Snow College provides students with an opportunity to complete an entire associate degree through an Accelerated Online Program, at no cost to families.

· And much more!

2022-2023 Enrollment Now Open

Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year opened on November 1, for more information and to apply visit This page has basic information about our programs and campuses, as well as the link to submit an enrollment application.

School Tours/Informational Meetings

If you would like to join us for a school tour or informational meeting, sign up using the links below. These opportunities are a great chance to get to meet with our leadership team and see a little bit more of our school.

· CEC Castle Rock

· CEC Inverness

· CEC Parker