7th Grade Curriculum

Textbook: My World 7th Grade Colorado Edition textbook from Pearson Publishing.

The focus of this class is Eastern Hemisphere, World Geography, Civics, and Economics, using the following units:

Economics Unit--Money Matters packet--Personal Finance.

Introduction to Humanities—Three Core Concept sections of the text.

Unit 1—Ancient Southwest Asia and Africa.

Unit 2—Modern Southwest Asia and Africa

Unit 3—Ancient South and East Asia.

Unit 4—Modern Asia.

Unit 5—Ancient Greece and Rome.

Unit 6—Changes in Europe.

Unit 7—Europe and Russia.

Unit 8—Australia and the Pacific.

8th Grade Curriculum Textbook: The American Republic to 1877.

The emphasis for this class is US History from 1750-1877, including the conflict with Britain, the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, the Constitution, the War of 1812, Westward Expansion, the War with Mexico, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.

We start in Unit Two of the text as our class starts in 1750 and we end in Unit Six which is 1877.

Unit Two- Colonial Settlement

Unit Three- Creating a Nation

Unit Four- The New Republic

Unit Five- The Growing Nation

Unit Six- Civil War and Reconstruction

We also focus on many aspects of economics, North American geography, and US Government. The course will be a comprehensive study of social studies from many different strands of the Colorado State Standards and the Core Knowledge Sequence.